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10 Scariest Poltergeist Videos Ever

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I had some free time on my hands today. So I decided to compile a post of the best, most scary poltergeist videos ever posted on the internet. Many of the following videos are very freaky.  Unlike ghosts, poltergeist videos can be much more entertaining sometimes. Poltergeists tend to be more violent with objects and people. A lot is happening in these videos.  You will probably ask if they are real? I think some could be real. It’s up to you to watch them and decide for yourself, which ones you think are real and fake. Enjoy, and be sure to scare some kids with these videos :D.

NOTE: Please be patient, these 10 videos take a little while to load up.

1.) Kitchen Poltergeist Goes Absolutely Nuts.

Owner of the home knew strange things were happening in his kitchen. He never expected to capture this on camera though. A whole flurry of activity. Throwing stuff everywhere. The owner of the video has confirmed he had been using a Ouija Board for a while, to talk to spirits. I think he called this poltergeist in when he started using the Ouija.

2.) Man Records Poltergeist Activity In His Home.

The owner of the house decided to place a camera in his living room. Every time he left the house and came back home, he noticed his attic door would be wide open. Pretty creepy video, seems the poltergeist even messes with the radio. His dogs look like they are in shock.

3.) The Warren Family Is Terrorized By A Poltergeist.

I saw this video years ago on TV program produced by Bravo channel. When I first saw this, I was shocked. Pretty insane stuff. The poltergeist seems to disturb anyone at the table and hates the mom the most. The latest update is that the Warren family are no longer tormented by this poltergeist, after having an exorcist extract it from the home.

4.) A Boy From Jamaica Is Being Haunted And Attacked By A Evil Poltergeist.

If this is real!, poor kid. This one could have been easily faked. Could be hoaxed by a good actor (the boy) and some very thin fishing string used to pull him around. Pretty darn creepy though. Hopefully he is not being harassed by this evil spirit anymore.

5.) Surveillance Cam Footage Of A Poltergeist At A Deli In Connecticut.

This video speaks for itself. An Owner of a sandwich Deli checks surveillance cam footage after noticing chairs all out-of-place when he came into work one morning. This can’t be good for business.

6.) The Door Knob Shakes Like Crazy.  He Is So Scared, He Can Barley Breathe.

Not sure what’s scarier, the poltergeist shaking the door knob or this guys breathing, lol. This guy sounds petrified with fear. Him breathing like that made the video even more freaky. Not much information was ever released about this video. Scary though!

7.) Man Decides To Place Surveillance In His Garage After Hearing Strange Sounds.

This garage has a mad spirit roaming around. Good thing the owner of the house finally found out what was making the odd sounds. Strange Subtle movements, then the poltergeist slams it down. Slow paced but entertaining.

8.) A lot Of Crazy Activity Happening In This Bathroom.

OMG look at that toilet bowl lid go nuts. I would never want to use the bathroom at this house. Imagine having to go to the bathroom (Number 1 or 2) and being harassed ? That would be a nightmare. It would be the worst bathroom experience ever. The stand out of this video is at 0:18 when the soap bar is slingshotted up in the air. That was crazy.

9.) Flickering Lights, Moving Painting and Cereal Bowl Knocked Up In The Air

This classic video  has been floating around on the internet for at least 10 years. Teenager notices some very strange activity in the dining room, so he turns on his video cam. He see’s flickering lights, picture moving and a cereal bowl get knocked up in the air. He is creeped the heck out, so he runs out the door. To me this video looks like an obvious fake, but it is very entertaining. Why would he point the camera directly at the table after the moving painting? Looks staged to me.

10.) Poltergeist Plays The Piano And Scares A Kid

Yikes, the Piano is playing by itself. This kid happened to walk in the room while it was happening. What’s really creepy, is when the kid says “Hello” and the musical notes come flying down. Almost as if the poltergeist did not know anyone was behind him. After that the kid immediately turns off the camera out of fear.


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  • Ball-istic

    Yeah, nah. I could be convinced but there’s a few glowing omissions. One, animals (especially dogs) are v sensitive to this stuff, I woulda expected more of a reaction, which leads to Two, the little girl is v calm for having her chair pulled out from under her. That’s a bit suss, as you’d imagine that’d be dead creepy (?). Three, the Jamaican kid looks like he’s smiling… Look – I’d love to believe, BUT I too have image enhance tech, & I’m a layman, so I can’t imagine what studios can do.