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Archive - August 2014

Coelacantha Prehistoric fish

Top 5 Giant Prehistoric Fish Still Alive

My Top 5 picks of the  largest Prehistoric fish still living today. These fish don’t look like anything you have ever seen before. They all can achieve massive sizes. These prehistoric Giants look like living sea monsters. They  have...

Apple eats Apple Human

30 Strange Photoshop Manipulations of People

I just love photoshop manipulations. The following is my personal favorite list of 30 strange manipulations of people. Some of these images have been recently created, while others have been posted on the internet for years now. I hope you...

10 Of The Scariest Poltergeist Videos Ever

10 Scariest Poltergeist Videos Ever

I had some free time on my hands today. So I decided to compile a post of the best, most scary poltergeist videos ever posted on the internet. Many of the following videos are very freaky.  Unlike ghosts, poltergeist videos can be much more...

Slender Man WIth Girl

Girl Finds A New Friend In The Woods

“Mama I made a new friend today. His name is Mr.Slender Man. He is so nice to children Mama. Can he stay for dinner?”. Yikes what a creepy photo. This is one of those old strange vintage photos floating around online. Not much...