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Top 5 Scariest Ghost Girl Videos

Top 5 Scariest Ghost Girl Videos

There are many ghost girl videos floating around the internet. Most of them are not that scary or obvious freaky fakes. I surfed the internet extensively to compile a list of the top 5 scariest ghost girl videos ever. Some of these videos could...

judging your package urinal

Top 22 Weirdest Urinals Ever

Our list of the weirdest urinals ever. So weird, I would not pee in them. Would you pee in these strange urinals? Let me know, lol. 1.) Big Mouth Urinal Well that’s a huge mouth to pee in. I doubt anyone will miss the mark. SOURCE 2.)...

Exorcist Girl In The Scary Maze Game

The Scary Maze Game

This post will cover everything you need to know about the scary maze game. The best game ever made to scare people online. What Is The Scary Maze Game? Originally called “The Maze Game”. The scary maze game is a little online...

Dead Musicians That Might Be Ghosts (Updated)

Dead Musicians That Might Be Ghosts (Updated)

If you look around online you will see all kinds of articles of writers claiming this celebrity or that musician is a ghost. Without any actual proof. Well this post has some proof. Or is it proof? Is this ghost evidence real or fake? 1.)...