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Baby Alien Found By Farmer In Mexico?

Baby Alien Found By A Farmer In Mexico?

Can this be an Alien or is it a half lizard, half human type creature? In 2007 a farmer from Tlapanaloya, Mexico captured this alien in his corn field with a gopher trap. He says the alien was growling at him, attempting to bite him while stuck...

Alien Skull Found In Africa

Alien Skull Found In Africa

What an amazing looking skull.  Dug up by  gold miners. Found in the savanna of Nigeria Africa in 2011. Other odd looking skulls have been discovered in Africa, but nothing like this. The skull size is very similar to a human. As you can see...

Baby Alien Hiding In The Trees

A Baby Alien Hiding In The Trees!

What a freaky looking little guy.  Many reports of alien and creature sightings have been coming from Alaska lately. This is not the first time someone has said they seen Aliens in the rough Alaskan Wilderness. Not only does this baby alien...