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Slender Man WIth Girl

Girl Finds A New Friend In The Woods

“Mama I made a new friend today. His name is Mr.Slender Man. He is so nice to children Mama. Can he stay for dinner?”. Yikes what a creepy photo. This is one of those old strange vintage photos floating around online. Not much...

UFO in Nashville Tennessee

Navy Commander Leaks Nashville UFO Photo

This photo was taken at an abandoned air field in  Nashville, Tennessee 1989. Leaked by Commander Graham Bethune of the Navy. This UFO was seen bright in the sky for a minute before it disappeared by  a few campers that took the photo.  This...

Two Campers Find A Demon In Sinaloa, Mexico

Two Campers Find A Demon In Sinaloa, Mexico

This is a viral video that has been around for years. It would not make sense to not have it on our website and provide a bit more information about it. It is a very debatable video. Some people say it is a demon, alien or just a crazy sick...

A real Fairy at Central Park in Texas

A Fairy Spotted At A Texas Park

Can this be a real fairy? The photo was taken at Central Park in Lewisville, Texas. The photographer says she was taking random photos testing her cameras highest flash bright settings. When she looked at the photos she took, she noticed a very...

New Jersey Devil Close Up

The Jersey Devil Caught Chasing A Deer!

A hunter was hunting the outskirts of Pine Barren in New Jersey. The hunter says he ended up falling asleep but he left the deer cam and his animal alert on. At around 3:22AM he heard his animal alert go off. He heard all kinds of noises in the...

Time Traveler Teleports A Man To Safety?

Time Traveler Teleports A Man To Safety?

A street Security cam in China captures a man about to be hit by a truck while riding a bicycle across the street. A huge flash occurs right before the man is hit. Then all the sudden he is on the other side of the street, out of harms way. The...