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Mermaid Skeleton Found In Bulgaria

Mermaid Skeleton Found In Bulgaria

Bulgarian Paleontologists have dug up a Mermaid skeleton in an undisclosed area of the Black Sea. One of the anonymous founders says, “I originally thought it was a tall person. Then I noticed while digging below its torso a long fin type...


UFO Spotted From A Airplane Window

A UFO was spotted above the clouds by passengers from a flight going from Hong Kong to southwest China’s Kunming City on December 11th, 2012. The picture was passed around on the internet by an Anonymous passenger that says many other...

Dark looking witch with her angry wolf.

A Witch and Her Wolf

This photo was sent to me today :). I don’t have any information about the photo. It sure is awesome though. Love how the Witch looks so dark, mysterious, and reserved while her wolf is so angry ready to attack anyone that tries to harm...

Slender Man Spotted behind school kids

Slender Man Spotted In A 1959 Library Photo

You can see Slender Man in the background watching the children play. It seems a few of the children notice him standing there in the background. This was a promo photo taken in 1959 for the new City of Stirling Libraries in Australia. It was...

Levitating Witches

Levitating Portuguese Witch Sisters

This picture was said to be photographed at the Danvers State Lunatic Asylum, Massachusetts in 1928. Photo taken Anonymously by the visiting brother of the so-called “Bruxa irmã Seis” (Six Sister Witches) in Portuguese. The six...

Self-Proclaimed Prophet Can Summon UFOs?

Self-Proclaimed Prophet Can Summon UFOs?

This one is very interesting. I don’t know if I believe what he does in this video is real. There has to be another explanation. Maybe one of his friends was throwing silver balloons up in the air from far away while he was being...