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UFO in Nashville Tennessee

Navy Commander Leaks Nashville UFO Photo

This photo was taken at an abandoned air field in  Nashville, Tennessee 1989. Leaked by Commander Graham Bethune of the Navy. This UFO was seen bright in the sky for a minute before it disappeared by  a few campers that took the photo.  This...


UFO Spotted From A Airplane Window

A UFO was spotted above the clouds by passengers from a flight going from Hong Kong to southwest China’s Kunming City on December 11th, 2012. The picture was passed around on the internet by an Anonymous passenger that says many other...

Self-Proclaimed Prophet Can Summon UFOs?

Self-Proclaimed Prophet Can Summon UFOs?

This one is very interesting. I don’t know if I believe what he does in this video is real. There has to be another explanation. Maybe one of his friends was throwing silver balloons up in the air from far away while he was being...