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1890's photo of Bigfoot Captured

A Bigfoot Captured Or Killed In The 1890′s?

Not much information is known about the photo above. The photo was said to be leaked by the Texas wildlife Department a few years ago. The original photo is said to be dated from the  late 1800′s. At first glance you might think this is...

A Look At Patterson–Gimlin’s Bigfoot Footage

The Most Controversial Bigfoot Footage Ever

The original Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot footage (Filmed by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin). It was filmed in 1967 at Buff Creek  in Orleans, California. This video has been under controversial debate since 1967. Still to this day, this could...

Bigfoot Smithsoian Cover Up

Possible Smithsonian Bigfoot Cover Up In 1954

A very strange picture of what looks like Bigfoot or the Abominable Snowman was found archived in a file at one of the Smithsonian institution offices in 1954. This was around the time when they had researchers, searching for the Abominable...