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Top 5 Scariest Ghost Girl Videos

Top 5 Scariest Ghost Girl Videos

There are many ghost girl videos floating around the internet. Most of them are not that scary or obvious freaky fakes. I surfed the internet extensively to compile a list of the top 5 scariest ghost girl videos ever. Some of these videos could...

Dead Musicians That Might Be Ghosts (Updated)

Dead Musicians That Might Be Ghosts (Updated)

If you look around online you will see all kinds of articles of writers claiming this celebrity or that musician is a ghost. Without any actual proof. Well this post has some proof. Or is it proof? Is this ghost evidence real or fake? 1.)...

10 Of The Scariest Poltergeist Videos Ever

10 Scariest Poltergeist Videos Ever

I had some free time on my hands today. So I decided to compile a post of the best, most scary poltergeist videos ever posted on the internet. Many of the following videos are very freaky.  Unlike ghosts, poltergeist videos can be much more...

Pearl Harbor Gymnasium Ghost

Three Ghost Sailors In A Pearl Harbor Gym

Sailor ghosts have been spotted in many areas of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. World War 2 caused a lot of Navy deaths. Not surprised at all,  to see ghosts around at Pearl Harbor. Imagine going to your sons basketball practice. After taking a few...

Ghost Car In Garden City, New York?

Ghost Car In Garden City, New York?

A very strange police chase indeed. The footage was caught from a Garden City, NYPD dashboard cam. The first part of the video  looks like a crazy police chase. The cops are obviously chasing a very skilled driver here. Whats really strange to...

Poltergeist At Video Store In Mexico

Poltergeist Haunts A Video Store In Mexico

Security cam footage from a Blockbuster video store in Guadalajara, Mexico. The manager was noticing some very odd things happening in the store. Like movies being knocked down from shelves and being misplaced. So he decided to install a...