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10 Of The Scariest Poltergeist Videos Ever

10 Scariest Poltergeist Videos Ever

I had some free time on my hands today. So I decided to compile a post of the best, most scary poltergeist videos ever posted on the internet. Many of the following videos are very freaky.  Unlike ghosts, poltergeist videos can be much more...

Slender Man WIth Girl

Girl Finds A New Friend In The Woods

“Mama I made a new friend today. His name is Mr.Slender Man. He is so nice to children Mama. Can he stay for dinner?”. Yikes what a creepy photo. This is one of those old strange vintage photos floating around online. Not much...

UFO in Nashville Tennessee

Navy Commander Leaks Nashville UFO Photo

This photo was taken at an abandoned air field in  Nashville, Tennessee 1989. Leaked by Commander Graham Bethune of the Navy. This UFO was seen bright in the sky for a minute before it disappeared by  a few campers that took the photo.  This...

Baby Alien Found By Farmer In Mexico?

Baby Alien Found By A Farmer In Mexico?

Can this be an Alien or is it a half lizard, half human type creature? In 2007 a farmer from Tlapanaloya, Mexico captured this alien in his corn field with a gopher trap. He says the alien was growling at him, attempting to bite him while stuck...

Strange Eyeball on ear

Hey, My Ear Is Looking At You!

Now this a is one creepy earring lol. They look pretty real. I looked online, curious to where a person can buy these snake eye earrings. No luck, seems these were custom made just for pictures. Great idea though, I think they are neat.

1890's photo of Bigfoot Captured

A Bigfoot Captured Or Killed In The 1890′s?

Not much information is known about the photo above. The photo was said to be leaked by the Texas wildlife Department a few years ago. The original photo is said to be dated from the  late 1800′s. At first glance you might think this is...