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judging your package urinal

Top 22 Weirdest Urinals Ever

Our list of the weirdest urinals ever. So weird, I would not pee in them. Would you pee in these strange urinals? Let me know, lol. 1.) Big Mouth Urinal Well that’s a huge mouth to pee in. I doubt anyone will miss the mark. SOURCE 2.)...

Coelacantha Prehistoric fish

Top 5 Giant Prehistoric Fish Still Alive

My Top 5 picks of the  largest Prehistoric fish still living today. These fish don’t look like anything you have ever seen before. They all can achieve massive sizes. These prehistoric Giants look like living sea monsters. They  have...

Apple eats Apple Human

30 Strange Photoshop Manipulations of People

I just love photoshop manipulations. The following is my personal favorite list of 30 strange manipulations of people. Some of these images have been recently created, while others have been posted on the internet for years now. I hope you...

Strange Eyeball on ear

Hey, My Ear Is Looking At You!

Now this a is one creepy earring lol. They look pretty real. I looked online, curious to where a person can buy these snake eye earrings. No luck, seems these were custom made just for pictures. Great idea though, I think they are neat.

Crater Lake In Oregeon Created By A Volcano

A Beautiful Lake Created By A Volcano

This is the beautiful, all natural “Crater Lake“. Located in Klamath County, Oregon in the Crater Lake National Park. The lake was created by a volcanic eruption over 7,700 years ago. After the volcano was done erupting it...

A Waterfall So High It Reaches The Clouds

A Waterfall So High It Reaches The Clouds

This is the highest natural waterfall in the world. known as Angel Falls. Angel Falls is located on the Auyán-tepui mountain in Canaima National Park of Bolívar State, Venezuela. At it’s highest point it measures 3,212 ft and has a...

Hyperdontia Tooth Condition

A Person with 76 Teeth! A Rare Condition

This is a rare teeth condition called Hyperdontia . When a person has 20 more teeth on top of the average 32 (so 52 or more total) have Hyperdontia . These teeth usually grow on the top of the mouth, but can occur at the bottom under the tongue...