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Top 5 Giant Prehistoric Fish Still Alive

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My Top 5 picks of the  largest Prehistoric fish still living today. These fish don’t look like anything you have ever seen before. They all can achieve massive sizes. These prehistoric Giants look like living sea monsters. They  have existed for millions of years and are still living today. Some are popular among fisherman while others are rarely ever seen. I hope you enjoy this strange fishy post.

1.) Coelacanth

Coelacantha Prehistoric fish
For years scientists thought the prehistoric Coelacanth fish was extinct.  Until a live fish was caught in 1938. In April 2001  a Kenyan fisherman caught a very large specimen (pictured above) measuring over 5 ft long. Ichthyologists think the Coelacanth  has lived in the sea for over 390 million years now. What makes them really special is there strange limb fins that move more like arms than fins. When this fish moves it looks like it’s walking in the water. This is one of the prehistoric fishes that have remained unchanged for millions of years. It is believed evolution never touched the Colelcanth. Why? Maybe because they never had a reason to change. All of their living life they run around in deep dark African sea caves, nothing has changed for them in millions of years. Only a few of these fish are still alive today.  They are on the endangered species list and conservation efforts in Africa are in effect to protect these giant cave dwelling fish. SOURCE

2.) White Sturgeon

Giant White Sturgeon Fish Held by Fisherman
Most all sturgeon are considered prehistoric fish. Most species have been around for more than 100 million years. The largest of the group is the White Sturgeon. The largest ever caught was 1,100 pounds from the Frasier River. It is believed these fish can reach weights over 2,000 pounds though. They live a very long life, at over 100 years on average. They can survive in both salt and freshwater, seem to grow the biggest in deep river tributaries.They are found around the pacific coast from Northern California all the way up to Alaska. These fish look very scary with spikes bones on their sides and rough sand paper like skin. They are actually harmless. They can’t bite you, they have a sucker mouth that is used for eating crustaceans and clams. They are very powerful though. Known to pull fisherman in when hooked.

3.) Alligator Gar

Alligator gar caught in texas
Living in rivers for more than 100 million years. The Alligator Gar is the largest and scariest looking one in the Gar family of fish. They can reach weights over 300 pounds. You can probably see why this fish is called an Alligator. There tough rough scales, big sharp teeth and strong clamping jaws resemble alligators. They are very aggressive fish and meat eaters. Luckily even though they look mean, their has not been too many attacks on human. They are found in shallow warm rivers in Southern eastern states such as Texas, Louisiana and Florida. They are often hunted by bow fisherman for their skin and meat. Out of the 5 fish posted, Alligator Gar seem to be thriving the best and won’t become extinct anytime soon. SOURCE

4.) PaddleFish

over 170 pound paddlefish
What a strange-looking fish. A very long paddle sticks out from its head. This Prehistoric fish has also been around for more than 100 million years, known as the Paddlefish. Found in deep rivers, lakes and reservoirs in the Mid-Eastern states of USA. They can reach weights over 250 pounds. Whats amazing about these fish is, they feed more like a whale, than an actual fish. Skimming the water all day feeding on plankton and other Miro-organizums to survive.  They don’t have very good eyesight so they rely on their paddle for balance and to since food nearby. A fish that has not changed much for millions of years. Its food source never vanished so their was never a reason to evolve much. SOURCE

5.) Frilled Shark

Frilled Shark
Large, rare, strange and prehistoric. The Frilled Shark has lived in deep ocean areas of Japan for more than 300 million years. Rarely seen alive around the waters surface because these fish live in depths of 1,000 to 5000 ft. In 2007 the first frilled shark was caught in Japan. It was placed at  the Awashima Marine Park in Shizuoka, Japan (Seen in the video below). This Frilled Shark measured to be 5 feet long. Scientists think they can reach lengths over 9 feet long though. Very awkward and creepy looking for sure. The fish swims like it’s crippled. Another fish that never had a reason to evolve because it survived off of everything it needed down in the deep depths of Japan.

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